Thank you for your interest in becoming a STAR Tutor!  Our students who participate in STARS and have a reading tutor benefit from having additional reading practice and experience.  We appreciate the tutors who coach and cheer for our students as they learn important reading skills.  Each tutor works with the children for 30 minutes, twice a week.  Tutors use a support manual printed from the Utah State Office of Education.  Students benefit from increased reading time, improved reading performance, and rewarding experiences.

STAR Program Overview

The Utah State of Education has approved a reading tutorial program called STAR, Student Tutoring Achievement for Reading.  The STAR program supports the Utah Elementary Language Arts Core Curriculum.

The Purpose of STAR is to provide students reading below grade level with additional reading practice.  Students participating in STAR meet with a volunteer who is trained to provide them with a series of targeted lessons.  The lessons enhance primary reading instruction offered by teachers and support the following researched-based components of reading; Phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.

If you are interested in becoming a STAR Tutor, please contact Vicki Smith or Jennifer Lund at 801-610-8714.