1. Attendance:

Please be consistent and on-time for your tutoring sessions. As a tutor, you are committing to volunteer at least one hour a week, which consists of two half-hour sessions, from October 2014 to May 2015. Time is important for everyone, especially in a school setting. If you, for any reason (including illness, conflicts, work, illness, etc.), will not be able to attend a tutoring session, please contact me BEFORE the scheduled session so other arrangements can be made. Remember, these students are counting on you.

2. Confidentiality:

Maintain confidentiality throughout the tutoring program. Avoid sharing last names or personal information with students (with exception of the “Getting to Know You” sheet). Your focus should be on reading. Reading scores, levels, and progress reports should be kept confidential and not shared between peers or outside sources. Never contact a student outside of tutoring. Even “good intentions” can be a cause for concern with both school administration and the parents of the children.

3. Lesson Plans:

Be accurate and follow the lesson plan schedule and directions as closely as possible. It is critical that data and scores for reading are precise. Use timers to track each segment. This will allow you to finish on time, stay on task, and record accurate data. Fill out lesson plans as you go and double check at the end to ensure all information has been recorded. All lesson plans and information should be kept in the student’s file.

4. Materials and Supplies:

All tutoring materials and supplies, including books, lesson plans will all be kept on the school website. Student files will be shared with you through a Google doc. This will help ensure both confidentiality and availability of resources for tutoring.

5. Positive Attitude:

Have a positive attitude about learning. Be encouraging while tutoring. Provide the student with sincere and specific praise in regards to his or her reading achievement. Consider that your attitude may greatly affect a student’s perspective on reading and literacy as well as your confidence in them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email or phone:   Jennifer Lund (801) 610-8714, [email protected]